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ML series pump ML series pump

ML series pump

The product adopts an axial and vertical double-open pump housing structure with hard-alloy or rubber inner lining, which has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. The structure of the product is reasonable, reliable operation, long life and other characteristics. Especially suitable for low concentration, low wear.

Structural features of the ML series pump

Adopting the structure of the pump housing with double axial and vertical opening, the inner lining is made of carbide, which is resistant to wear, corrosion resistant and highly reliable.

The cylindrical components of the bearing, the design of the high-capacity bearing, the grease lubrication of the bearing, are adapted to the different conditions of use of oil lubrication.

The space between the impeller and the protector can be adjusted to ensure efficient operation of the pump.

The seals are sealed with packing and the impeller seals and the mechanical seals of the filter element are paid to suit different working conditions.

Pumps and units can be selected for direct transmission, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling transmission and gearbox transmission.

The direction of pump output can be rotated in 8 angles to adapt to different field installation conditions.

Model size

Caliber: 20-650

Flow: 3-12600 cubic meters / hour

Head: 5 ~ 68 meters


Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, municipal, energy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials and other industries.


Long-lasting parts

High efficiency, low power consumption

Easy to maintain

Low operating costs

High reliability

Speed, small size, compact structure, saving area, reduce construction costs


The ML Light Slurry Pump is a centrifugal pulp pump with axial, horizontal and double axial suction. The outlet positions of the pump are rotated in eight different angles depending on the 45 ° C intervals required for installation.

ML Light Slurry type light pumps are replaceable by wear-resistant metal inner liners. Impellers, Volute Liners, shrouds and other flow components are made of wear resistant metals.

Compared to the heavy duty pulp pump, the pump has the advantages of high speed, small volume and light weight, and is suitable for transporting fine particles, low concentration pulp or corrosive sludge.

The weight concentration of the transport sludge is generally not higher than 30%, and it can also be used to transport a high concentration of low abrasion sludge.

The ML type pump shaft seal can be used for packing, secondary seal of the impeller, filling and seal of the impeller, mechanical seal and other types.

Direct DC transmission, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ belt drive up and down, vertical CV belt drive and many other types.

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