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Slurry pump selection manual calculation formula

The slurry pump selection manual will sort out the basic knowledge of slurry selection and selection, such as selection steps, calculation formulas and precautions. In the process of slurry pump selection, we must always treat the slurry according to the working conditions of the slurry pump. The model of the pump, the performance parameter curve of the slurry pump, and the comprehensive consideration of the characteristics of the slurry and the slurry. It is absolutely impossible to select the error that makes the slurry pump usable but not durable and usable but not easy to use!

Shijiazhuang Misite Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise of slurry pump research and development. It has many years of experience in the production of large-scale industrial slurry pump such as slurry pump, desulfurization pump and dredging pump. It is the practical application of production and processing and slurry pump. Experience!

Slurry pump selection calculation

Slurry pump selection steps are as follows

1. Calculate the critical flow rate VL according to the slurry parameters S, D, Cw

2. Calculate the head loss of the clean water pipeline according to the given flow rate and pipeline conditions, and draw the characteristic curve of the clean water pipeline.

3. Draw the slurry pipeline characteristic curve and find the water head at a given flow rate.

4. Calculate the clean water lift and increase the lift by 10% to get the required lift.

5. Determine the type of slurry pump according to the characteristics of the slurry.

6. Select the pump specification according to the given flow rate and calculate the pump's clean water head. When one pump cannot meet the head requirements, it should consider series connection. For the series pump, the working pressure and bearing life of the pump should be calculated and judged whether the requirements can be met.

7. Draw the characteristic curve of clean water and slurry pipeline in the performance curve of the selected pump, obtain the operating point of the pump, and find the n, NPSHr and η values ​​of the pump.

8. Calculate NPSHa. To determine whether the pump is operating without cavitation, the flow rate of the operating point after increasing the head allowance should be considered in the calculation (eg: NPSHa < NPSHr + 0.3, which can change the installation conditions of the pump inlet or re-select)

9. Calculate the pump shaft power of the pump and check if the shaft power is less than the bracket power of the selected pump. (In the calculation, the head should be the head after increasing the margin) Select the standard motor.

10. Determine the transmission type, installation type and shaft seal type according to the speed and power.

11. Calculate the outlet pressure of the crucible, determine the shaft seal water volume and water pressure of the packing shaft seal

Before you do the calculation, you need to understand the problems that need to be paid attention to when selecting the slurry pump.

Slurry pump selection formula calculation formula

The formulas for slurry pump selection in various industry standards are listed, and the symbols in the formula are unified.

1) Typical slurry method

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+(1+ξ)(V^2)/(2g)

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗ+0.72Ko(Vl^2)+0.58 Ko(V^2)

Pump characteristics:

Slurry Hm=ΔΗ+0.72Ko(Vl^2)+0.58 Ko(V^2)

Clear water Hs=Hs*HR

2) Coal Preparation Plant Law 1

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+iL+2

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗ+imL+2

Pump characteristics:

Slurry Hm=ΔΗ+imL+2

Clear water Hs=H/Km

3) Ash removal calculation method

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+1.05iL

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗγm+1.05imL

Pump characteristics

Slurry Hm=1.1Hmo

Clear water Hs=Hs*γm* Km

4) Tailings calculation method

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+iL+∑hi

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Pump characteristics:

Slurry Hm=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Clear water Hs=Hs*γm* Km*Kh

5) Filling mining method

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+1.05iL+∑hi

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Pump characteristics:

Slurry Hm=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Clear water Hs=Hs*Km*Kh

6) Metallurgical Mining Law

Pipeline characteristics:

Clear water Hf=ΔH+iL+∑hi

Slurry Hmo=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Pump characteristics:

Slurry Hm=ΔΗγm+imL+∑hi

Clear water Hs=Hs*γm*Kh

Symbols and meanings in the formula

The head of the Hf, Hmo, Hm, Hs pipeline and the head of the slurry, the slurry head of the pump body and the clean water head;

ΔH head loss;

L pipe length;

i, im clean water and the friction coefficient of the slurry;


Γm slurry specific gravity;

Ko=H/(V^2), the ratio of the head of the pipeline to the square of the speed is calculated.

Vl critical settling velocity.

Km=Hm/(Vm^2) The slurry calculates the ratio of the head of the pipeline to the square of the velocity.

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