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How to choose good overcurrent parts for slurry pump manufacturers

The wear-resistant slurry pump plays an important role in the transportation of solid-liquid materials in the industry. Because the slurry has serious wear on the flow-through parts, there is a high requirement for the wear resistance of the flow-through parts of these slurry pumps. Now, there are many pump materials, such as hard nickel 1#, hard nickel 4#, chrome 27, Cr15Mo3, rubber, etc. How should we choose the material of the slurry pump?

Material analysis of slurry pump

1. Hard nickel 1#

Hard nickel 1# has good anti-wear and corrosion resistance to coarse particles;

2. Hard nickel 4#

Hard nickel 4# has anti-wear and corrosion resistance similar to that of hard nickel 1#, and has good corrosion resistance for alkaline mixed liquid, but the price is higher than hard nickel 1#;


Cr15Mo3 is an excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion material recognized by the world. Its macro-Brinell hardness is as high as 650-750, which has good anti-abrasion performance for slurry with coarser and more corrosive particle size, but its price is higher. The material is brittle.

4. Natural rubber

There are many varieties of natural rubber, which are mainly suitable for fine particles without sharp edges and corners.

Natural rubber is more durable than other alloys or rubber elastic materials for weak acids, weakly alkaline slurries, large particle sizes, and flow rates within a certain range.

Usually, neoprene is not as good as natural rubber, but it has excellent abrasion resistance in oil-based pastes at temperatures below 200 °C.

Among them, Misty's wear resistance has reached the international leading level, and the wear-resistant slurry pump has greatly increased the wear resistance of the pump and has a long service life.

Misty is a professional manufacturer of slurry pumps in China. Through the optimization of its wear-resistant materials and structural parameters, Misty slurry pumps have always maintained a leading position.

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