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Slurry pump has such long service life

The service life of the slurry pump is a concern of the user. The slurry pump is different from other pumps. Because it mainly transports abrasive slurry, the life cycle is much shorter than that of the clean water pump. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the slurry pump can be extended. The life of the machine. Slurry pump equipment is an important part of mechanical equipment, and its daily maintenance is the most basic component and the key to its application.

First, the daily inspection of the slurry pump is a necessary condition

Slurry pump equipment should be carefully inspected before daily use.

Whether there are abnormalities in various parts of the slurry pump is often checked and registered.

At the same time, those partial simple rendering problems should be recorded in detail, usually replacing those parts.

At the same time, daily use is also very demanding.

pay attention to regular maintenance is the basis

When using a slurry pump, various problems can occur, causing the machine to be repaired and permanently damaged.

These are all maintenance issues.

Therefore, regular maintenance of the slurry pump equipment is necessary and is still strictly performed by the operator.

More and more companies need to monitor the implementation of this situation.

slurry pump operator training and assessment

Once a slurry pump is used, it is necessary to train each operator.

This operation requires mechanical operation in the future.

This can reduce operational errors and cause mechanical hazards.

Fourth, four criteria for detailed protection of slurry pumps

The slurry pump should open the pump inlet valve before closing and closing the pump outlet valve.

Then start the pump and start the pump outlet valve after the pump is started. The size and speed of the pump outlet valve shall be controlled by the pump without oscillation and the motor shall not exceed the rated current.

The slurry pump is mainly used to transport the flow.

Therefore, it is best to install a flow meter in the operation monitoring system to monitor whether the flow meets the requirements at any time.

In piping systems with cyclones, slag cleaning systems, and filter press dewatering systems, there must be some pressure at the outlet of the line.

Therefore, in this system, a pressure gauge should be installed to monitor if the pressure meets the requirements.

In addition to monitoring flow and pressure during operation of the pump, it is also necessary to monitor that the motor should not exceed the rated current of the motor. Monitor oil seals, bearings and other phenomena on a regular basis, whether the pump is free or overflowing, and handle it at any time.

The slurry pump should pay attention to the following points during maintenance.

(1) Bearing water pressure and water quantity must meet the requirements, adjust or replace the filling degree at any time, do not form a seal seal leakage, and replace the bushing in time.

(2) When replacing the bearing, it must be ensured that the bearing parts are free of dust and the lubricating oil is clear. The bearing temperature during pump operation generally does not exceed 60 ~ 65 ° C, the maximum does not exceed 75 ° C.

(3) Ensure the coaxiality between the motor and the pump, ensure that the elastic gasket in the coupling is intact and replace it after damage.

(4) Ensure the correctness and reliability of the pump assembly and piping system.

(5) Some parts of the slurry pump are wearing parts. In daily operation, attention should be paid to the wear and tear of worn parts, repair or replacement in time, during the repair or replacement of damaged parts of the slurry pump, ensure correct installation, reasonable gap adjustment, and prevent malfunction. T and conflict.

(6) The slurry pump suction piping system does not need to leak air. During the operation, attention should be paid to the presence of blockage. The medium of the slurry pump should be treated with solid particles. Therefore, the baffles provided in the pump tank should meet the requirements of the slurry pump to pass the particles; reduce the entry of large particles or long fiber materials. The ability of the pump body.

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