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MTL(R) type desulfurization pump

The desulphurisation pumps of the MTL (R) series are single-stage horizontal stage centrifugal pumps and are mainly used in circulation pumps of absorption towers in humid flue gas desulphurisation plants. With a large flow, low lift, high efficiency. And according to the cycle conditions of the absorption tower that match the appropriate materials, optimize the design structure, so that it is always in an efficient and economical operation.

Structural characteristics of the MTL (R) desulfurization pump

Replaceable carbide lining or rubber lining The structure of the double pump housing has good resistance to wear, corrosion and high reliability.

The individual pump housing, the pump casing and the impeller are made of special chrome-alloy alloys that are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

After disassembling the structure, it is easy to inspect or replace the impeller and mechanical seal without having to remove the outlet piping.

High efficiency carbide impeller.

Oil-lubricated and high-capacity bearing assemblies.

Mechanical seal type shaft seal, long service life, low maintenance.

Direct design of pumps and actuators.

Size of the model

Caliber: 350-1000mm

Flow rate: 1500-14000m3 / h

Head: 12-32 meters


Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, municipal, energy, coal, petroleum, chemical products, construction materials and other industries.


The flow components of the pump utilize advanced flow simulation CFD analysis technology to be reliable and efficient.

The adjustment of the bearing assembly can change the position of the impeller in the pump chamber so that the pump assembly is always in a highly efficient operating state.

The water pump is a disassembled structure with a simple structure and convenient maintenance without dismantling the water pump inlet and outlet pipes.

The mechanical seal is designed for the seals of the desulfurization camouflage machine and works reliably.

Double row tapered roller bearings are used on the pump side, cylindrical roller bearings on the transmission side and bearings lubricated with thin oil are used to improve the working conditions of the bearings and increase the life Useful of the bearings.


Long lasting parts

Bearings, long life of mechanical seals

Easy to maintain

Low operating costs

High reliability

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