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Summary of the principle and assembly of the impeller seal of the slurry pump.

The sealing part is one of the important components of the slurry pump. The above mentioned the need to pay attention to the selection of the auxiliary impeller seal, then how does the slurry pump auxiliary impeller seal function as a seal? What are the precautions when assembling the secondary impeller seal after knowing the principle of sealing? Let's introduce them one by one. The secondary impeller here is not the slurry pump impeller.

The auxiliary impeller seal is a hydrodynamic seal. The indenter generated by the auxiliary impeller resists the leakage of the liquid at the outlet of the impeller. At the same time, the impeller cover is used to set the back vane with water seal ring and packing to prevent air from entering, and the back vane and water seal ring are used to reduce The pressure at the packing prevents the impurities from entering the seal.

The assembly process of the slurry pump auxiliary impeller seal is as follows:

1. Place the decompression cap flat on the workbench (on the side of the packing).

2. Packing pad and bushing.

3. Fill a stuffing box with a suitable length of filler.

4. Release the water seal ring and press the other packing on the water seal ring (the joint is staggered).

5. Install the packing gland and tighten the bolts so that the packing fixes the bushing.

6. Install the sleeve O-ring.

7. Put the decompression cap assembly into the pump body and tap it with the wooden hammer.

8. Install the second sleeve O-ring.

9. Attach the impeller to the shaft and press the bushing.

10. Apply grease to the shaft thread

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