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Anti-wear performance of mud pump

Mud pump refers to a machine that transports mud or water and other flushing fluid into the borehole during drilling. In China, the Chinese language may be too rich. The mud pump refers not to the slurry pump, but the slurry in English does have the meaning of mud. Here we must distinguish the two concepts.

The small area wear perforation of the inner shell of the mud pump is the main formation of its failure, and the material price and manufacturing cost of the inner shell are improved due to the high requirements on the wear resistance, so the life of the inner shell is relatively low. This will undoubtedly have a great impact on the overall price ratio of the pump casing.

The manufacturing of the inner shell of the inner casting is also difficult, especially for the large mud pump casing, the large-scale process equipment and the special process are required for the mechanical processing for ensuring the assembly precision of the inner casing and the heat treatment for ensuring the excellent anti-wear performance. Arched lining pump casing: The runner lining is installed in the pump casing.

The pump casing can be a single pump casing with wear failure. After the flow channel is properly cleaned and the fixed lining is finished, the runner lining can be designed. The newly designed lining division and lining structure have been obtained in the country. patent.

The advantage of using a failed single pump casing lining is that the failed pump casing can be used for repeated wear-resistance repair, and the manufacturing cost is low, and the flow line shape and cross-sectional area can be basically maintained. The disadvantage is that the wear of the runner wall varies depending on the single pump casing in use, and the liner design must be carried out for the specific pump casing.

Casting molds have poor versatility; the design of the combined structure and sectional area of ​​the liner flow line liner is limited by the wear of the single pump shell flow path, and often has to reduce the cross-sectional area of ​​the liner flow passage due to insufficient wear depth. To ensure the necessary wall thickness of the liner.

Therefore, when using the old single pump casing lining, it is desirable that the entire flow path wall wear depth is greater than the design wall thickness of the lining plate.

However, in reality, due to the large difference in the wear amount of each section of the flow passage, even when the high pressure section is worn through, the low pressure section does not reach the desired wear depth.

Main application and metallurgy of ZJ series slurry pump, ZGB series slurry pump, M series slurry pump, AH series slurry pump, HH series slurry pump and SP submerged pump in the slurry pump produced by Hebei Misty Pump Industry , mining, coal, electricity, building materials and other fields. Used to transport abrasive or corrosive slurries with solid particles,

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