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Normal startup of the desulfurization pump

The desulfurization pump is a cantilever single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump designed and developed for transporting corrosive media containing fine particles. The desulfurization pump is a slurry pump that can adapt to various working conditions, such as conveying acid. Alkaline clear liquid or slurry; various corrosive pulps in the smelting industry; various types of dilute acid in the sulfuric acid industry; various types of sewage in the environmental protection industry. The pump is both corrosion and wear resistant and has a wide range of applications.

Prepare the desulfurization pump before starting:

1. Check the pump anchor bolts, the adjusting bolts on the bracket and the nuts on the compression bolts are tightened;

2. Check if the bearing temperature control device is normal;

3. Check the motor insulation resistance;

4. Check the oil level of the bearing oil chamber, the oil level should be flush with the center of the oil mark or added to the slope of the oil rod rod;

5. Check if the mechanical seal limit plate is unscrewed;

6. Disengage the coupling, check the motor steering, and connect the coupling;

7. Move the rotor according to the direction of rotation of the pump, there should be no friction, otherwise adjust the impeller clearance;

Start of the desulfurization pump:

1. Open the mechanical seal cooling water valve;

2. Open the inlet valve of the pump;

3. Open the outlet line air valve of the pump;

4. When the pump is full of slurry, close the air valve;

5. Open the pump;

6. Gradually open the outlet valve (> 1 minute);

Note: It cannot be operated without water in the pump chamber, and the mechanical seal end face will burn out when it is running in a dry environment.

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