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Analysis of the development trend of the new era slurry pump industry

In the new era of slurry pump development trend, in the coming year of 2017, the slurry pump industry has undergone major changes like other industries. The production process of slurry pump is improved, and the technological innovation of slurry pump is progressing with the new era. The adjustment of industrial structure is more and more obvious.

New era slurry pump development trend

New era slurry pump development changes

1. The slurry pump is one of the Shijiazhuang landmark industries. The environmental protection level of the slurry pump production process in the new era has reached a new level, contributing continuously to atmospheric management;

2. The development trend of the slurry pump industry is rationalized, the original malicious competition, the bad money expelling the good money phenomenon, and creating a better industry development environment for large-scale manufacturers;

3. The slurry pump has changed from production use to environmental protection. Many people do not understand this sentence. Here, it refers to the contribution of the desulfurization pump to the environmental protection cause. The desulfurization pump is also a kind of slurry pump. It is used in the flue gas desulfurization process of power plants, and has made outstanding contributions to reducing sulfide emissions. This is reflected in the changes in market demand, and the blue sky in Zhuangli has increased significantly;

4. The international environment of the new era is also undergoing subtle changes. With the industrial outreach of China, the influence of China's manufacturing industry is also increasing. It is recognized by the world market and the world market is re-divided. The company also increased its export. Development Strategy.

As a wear-resistant slurry pump manufacturer, we constantly strive to continuously improve our R&D level and service level to provide more reliable slurry pump products for our customers, leading the production of slurry pumps and making the best slurry in China's new era. Pump production supplier.

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