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Common running faults of M, AH, HH slurry pumps

When the slurry pump is in use, it often encounters some running faults. Then how should we use the M/AH/HH slurry pump to avoid running faults? In this case, which places should be tested, the Hebei Mistai slurry pump manufacturer will introduce you to the accessories that should be tested.

The slurry pump malfunctions as follows:

1), the suction pipe is blocked

It is likely that due to the fact that during the operation of the pump, impurities are drawn to the bottom of the suction pipe, causing partial blockage, which does not cause a pump stop failure, but reduces the pump flow. It can also reduce the outlet pressure, increase the suction vacuum, or cause the pump to be in abnormal operation and vibration due to cavitation in the pump due to excessive vacuum.

2), the slurry pump impeller is blocked

The impeller allows a certain size of material to pass through. If the material with too large particle size enters the suction line, the impeller inlet may be blocked, thereby limiting the discharge of the pump. This failure often leads to a decrease in power and a decrease in outlet pressure and suction vacuum. The vibration of the pump may also be caused by the imbalance of the impeller.

3), the outlet line is blocked

When the coarse particles are highly concentrated in the discharge pipe of the pump, the discharge pipe is clogged, or the discharge pipe is too low to sufficiently transport the liquid, and the blockage causes the reaction to rise at the outlet pressure and the motor power decreases.

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