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Structural characteristics of SP(R) submerged slurry pump

The SP(R) type submerged slurry pump is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump, which is immersed in liquid for conveying corrosive, coarse particles and high concentration slurry. It does not require any shaft seal and shaft seal water, and the intake is insufficient. Under normal working conditions.

What are the structural characteristics of the SP(R) submerged slurry pump? Please read on.

I. Overview of SP(R) submerged slurry pump:

The difference between the SPR submerged slurry pump structure and the SP submerged slurry pump is that the parts of the impregnated slurry are lined with corrosion-resistant rubber, and the rubber-lined parts include the shaft, the pump body, the slurry pump impeller, The guard plate and the strainer, the coupling bolts immersed in the lower part of the liquid have rubber protective sleeves, and the transmission parts are exactly the same as the SP type pump.

Second, SP (R) liquid slurry pump structure features:

1. Adopt vertical cantilever type and single pump shell structure.

2. Single-suction, semi-open impeller design, using high chromium alloy or rubber impeller.

3. The barrel bearing assembly is designed with high-capacity bearings and the bearings are greased.

4. The gap between the impeller and the guard plate can be adjusted to ensure efficient operation of the pump.

5. No shaft seals are required.

6. Pump and drive machine can be used with direct drive and V-belt drive.

If you want to know the assembly procedure of the submerged slurry pump, you can click on the link to view

Third, SP (R) liquid slurry pump model meaning:

For example: 40PV-SP

40—Pump outlet diameter (mm)

PV-vertical bracket

SP-liquid slurry pump

SPR-liquid underlay

Fourth, SP (R) liquid slurry pump application range

SP, SPR slurry pump is mainly suitable for conveying corrosive, coarse particles and high concentration slurry. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electricity, building materials, environmental protection and other departments.

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