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Advantages and uses of SP and SPR submerged slurry pumps

The pump body, impeller and guard plate of the SP type submerged slurry pump are all made of wear-resistant materials.

The series of slurry pump has simple structure and convenient installation. The pump body is bolted to the bracket, and the bearing body is placed at the upper end of the bracket. The bearing body adopts double row tapered roller bearing by the pump end, and the driving end adopts single row cylindrical roller bearing, which can withstand The maximum axial load of the pump.

The submersible pump is designed for heavy duty continuous work in mining, chemical and general industrial processes for the treatment of abrasive, corrosive liquids and slurries.

The pump is typically immersed in the tank or in the pit.

SP and SPR submerged slurry pump features:

(1) Pumps of the same specifications as SP and SPR are interchangeable.

(2) The bearing assembly can be interchanged with the bearing assembly used for the foam pump and the agitator.

(3) All bolts of SPR type pumps are protected by screw sleeves.

(4) Metric bolts.

(5) The bearing does not sneak into the water.

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