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Comparison of ZJL vertical slurry pump and SP submerged slurry pump

The ZJL vertical slurry pump and the SP submerged slurry pump are the same as the submerged slurry pump products, and there are differences between the two models. Price and price/performance ratio will be the best.

Hebei Misti Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with two kinds of vertical submerged slurry pumps.

ZJL vertical slurry pump is generally called vertical slurry pump, SP series slurry pump is called submerged slurry pump, both pumps are vertical liquid slurry pumps, but the design structure is different. . The sp series is a main shaft, and zjl is assembled by splicing.

The concept of a vertical submerged slurry pump:

ZJL vertical slurry pump mainly refers to the shaft is upright relative to the horizontal plane when the slurry pump is working.

The SP submerged slurry pump is a product of the introduced Warman company. The technical level is relatively advanced. At the same time, the use of the SP submerged slurry pump has an absolute advantage, and it is also the submerged slurry pump product with the highest customer acceptance. This type of pump is characterized by being generally immersed in a submerged pit pool during operation.

Vertical liquid slurry pump price comparison:

The ZJL vertical slurry pump is higher than the SP submerged slurry pump, so customers can give priority to SP slurry pump products when purchasing.

The two pump applications include: environmental protection, municipal engineering, thermal power plants, gas coking plants, oil refineries, steel mills, mining, paper, mud, mortar, drift sand, etc., as well as fluids containing corrosive slag and corrosive liquids. Use the business.

Hebei Misite Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of slurry pump products. The products mainly include wear-resistant slurry pump, ZJ slurry pump, ZGB heavy-duty slurry pump, submersible slurry pump and other products.

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